Saturday, June 25, 2011

Racing Improves The Breed

The Sportsman Flyer company participated in the recent Willow Springs motorbike races.  Our street gearing kept us out of the winners circle, but we still had a great time and learned a lot about our Racer model.  Bikes handled nicely as seen by Skip, our number 1 team rider.  Nice lean angle, Skip!

What we lacked in speed on the track we made up for in the looks department.  We won BOTH 1st and 2nd place in the bike show.  I was more than happy about that!  The blue bike, our prototype Racer took 1st place and our factory R&D bike, the raw finished chassis #5, took 2nd place honors. 

These two bikes belong to a friend of mine, Doug.  They are beautifully detailed vintage Schwinn Panthers and are running Sportsman Panther tanks and reinforced Monark forks.  Nice builds, Doug!