Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sportsman Racer

It was difficult but I finally integrated the two stroke pipe into the loop style BTR frame.

Sportsman Racer

This is one of the latest pictures of the Sportsman Flyer Racer model.  Engine is the Morini S6S rated at 9.4 hp.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whizzer Engine

NE5  1This is basically what you'll be looking for if you plan to build a WZ Flyer. This engine is called the NE5 and is a newer version of the original 1940's model. A true flat head four stroke engine with a nice round crank case. Perfect for that board track racing look.

Board Track Racing Seat Kit

BTR SeatThis is a detail shot of our BTR seat kit. We found out the bigger stretched out frames just didn't look right with a bicycle seat so this seat kit was developed. The finished seat will get foam padded and leather covered. Make sure you specify the BTR seat kit for your build.

The WZ Flyer verses the Racer model

That's me on the left sitting on the WZ model and my brother Rich on the Morini powered Racer model. Same basic frames and tanks, different engines and options. We have been racing each other as long as I can remember so it's only a matter of time before the Racer goes up against the WZ!

Sportsman Flyer Long Sleeve Tee Shirts

Sportsman Flyer tee shirts are now available. We used the latest gas tank logo on each sleeve and the head badge design is proudly displayed on the front. Available in black or white. I am wearing the sweat shirt version and Becky is wearing the womens version.

WZ Flyer

Sportsman WZ Flyer
The Sportsman Flyer "WZ" prototype is nearing completion. This has taken far more time than I had anticipated, but now that I can stand back and look at it I am very satified with the results. This kit goes to a patient customer who had a huge part in helping to make this project possible.