Monday, September 5, 2011

Monark Style Forks

I have been remanufacturing Monark forks for my builds.  Felt makes a beefier modern fork that looks similar to the Monark and they call it the Abraham Linkage fork.  Problem is people can't use it on vintage builds as the newer fork uses a 1 1/8" threadless stem.  Vintage bikes require a 1" threaded stem.

I am in the process of modifying these newer forks to the 1" threaded stem.  It will take a bit of machining from this point and I should have the first test unit ready soon.  These are going to be so cool!

BTR Seat Cover

I finally got around to improving the cover on my BTR seat.  I gave a local upholstry shop a bare steel pan and a bunch of pictures of original boardies.  Here is what the shop came up with.

Once mounted the new seat gives the bike a heavier and more filled out look.  I have brass badges coming which will mount to the rear of the seat and carry the Sportsman logo.