Friday, September 24, 2010


I think everyone agrees that Monark springer forks look great. The originals are rare and expensive. I think everyone would also agree that the new reproduction Monark forks are somewhat underbuilt and lacking in quality control. I looked into the problems and figured out how to properly fix them, making the new Monark fork a safer and stronger option. I use them on motor bikes that cruise at over 30 mph, so I could not accept anything less than completely reliable springer forks. By disassembling a few sets I found consistant problems. The forks are not fully welded (see above) and the steer tube does not have a flared area to press on a crown race. If you can't press this race into place you will always have movement under braking and when hitting bumps. Below are you will see what I found under the polished fork crown cover.

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